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Ever been nailed without a good comeback by a Bible thumper? If so, then Thump-o-Matic is the app for you! Just whip out your phone, Thump it, and Hallelujah! A little counter-damnation of your own… chapter and verse. Test their righteousness – and your own! – and find out just how far a thumper will thump in hewing to the letter of the Good Book.

Be ye a believer who thinks that taking the Bible literally misses the point, a snarky seminarian, a freethinker, or just a smart-aleck Sunday school student, you're Glory-bound to have fun with this app, because randomized scriptural integrity is always just a thump away on your phone. Never get thumped unprepared again!

Choose Old and/or New Testament quotes. Available in English, Spanish, French, and German. Click on the appropriate logo above for your phone or tablet (App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or Google Play for Android) to download Thump-o-Matic now!

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